MK 1
MK1 on side

the MK1 prototype is a user programmable midi controller featuring 32 LED pushbutton switches and 6 touch sensitive copper plate switches. an example user mapping would have the top row of twelve buttons be designated as major chords arranged in the cirle of fifths. the row below has minor chords arranged as the relative minor to the major chords. the touch sensitive switches, arranged as if they were strings on a guitar, trigger notes based on which chord button is pressed. the eight buttons located higher on the neck play a major or minor scale in the key of the last chord button that was pressed. the headstock contains siz LEDs that flash when the corresponding touch plate is activated.

mapping illustration

the MK 1 has been developed and programmed using the arduino platform. further development is planned for a MK 2 which will feature a GUI editor so that users can easily create performance mappings to suit their needs. other potential mappings can utilize harmonic, melodic, scalar or rhythmic functions as well as sample triggering and drum programming.

demo video 1

demo video 2

demo video 3

MK1 on back

MK1 copper close

MK1 close up see through